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Headquartered in Riom (France), Verdot Ips² has established itself, over its 20-year history, as a leading, independent biomanufacturing tools company. Specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom-made industrial purification equipment, its target end markets are the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Food industries. The company is focused on Low-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC) devices that play a key role in the manufacturing and development of complex biologic molecules including monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and gene therapies.

Backed by strong, in-house scientific, technological and regulatory know-how, the company took a decisive, strategic turn several years ago when it chose to develop and market innovative, single-use chromatography equipment. Thanks to a solid network of clients made up of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology groups, Verdot Ips² is well established internationally, particularly in the United States, where it generates almost half of its revenue.

Company : Verdot

Investment type :
Growth Buy-out

Investment date: :
July 2022

Location : France

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“I am very impressed by Verdot’s positioning and strong growth over the last few years. Verdot has world-class technical know-how and decades of experience enabling the company to support clients on very specific needs. Verdot’s willingness to go deep with customers is unique in the market. Lauxera will support Verdot’s international commercialization efforts while bolstering its industrial capabilities.”

Pierre Moustial, Founding Partner at Lauxera