ESG Integration

What we believe :

Lauxera’s healthcare investments must deliver impact to patients, providers/innovators, and the system.

We follow the following ESG principles as investors, portfolio managers, and business managers :


Business practices should seek to minimize environmental impact.


Attracting & retaining top talent is core to growth and requires best-in-class labor practices and a positive corporate reputation.


Management team incentives must be aligned with those of financial investors to maximize value over the long-term.

What we do :


We integrate our ESG principles at three levels: the management company, the fund, and at our portfolio companies. We engage as active investors in our portfolio companies to manage ESG-related risks and maximize ESG-related opportunities.


We define and track KPIs against preset targets, focused on the impact each company delivers via better outcomes for patients, greater productivity for providers/innovators and lower costs for the system.

All Lauxera’s funds are SFDR Article 8.

Carried for Interest

At Lauxera we have created a “Carried for Interest” policy: starting with Lauxera Growth II we have put in place a partnership with Institut Imagine, a world-renowned research center located in Paris, with a focus on advancing treatments for rare genetic diseases and immune disorders for children.

Lauxera will donate a percentage of the carried interest it will generate in its future funds to Institut Imagine.

Pledges and partners

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