Our vision

Our approach

We back revolutionary and evolutionary innovations and platforms addressing €500m+ global healthcare markets.

We invest when scientific risk is retired, a revenue model is visible, and commercial execution drives value creation.

We contribute business- and talent-management experience, a reproducible growth toolbox, and negotiation support to our portfolio companies.

We partner with management teams to execute best-in-class launches, troubleshoot early adoption curve issues, and optimize long standing commercial efforts.

What makes us different

Operators and Investors
We created Lauxera to bring battle-tested insights and expertise from both sides of the table to management teams on the healthcare growth journey.

Leadership and Mentorship
We have extensive experience building and leading world-class commercial organizations, and coaching and mentoring management teams.

European and Global
Our firm has deep roots in Europe, but is truly international with expertise across all geographies and a presence in Paris and San Francisco.

At Lauxera, we accelerate the adoption of healthtech innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality and quantity of life