Founded in 2015 by Franck Le Ouay, Etienne Depaulis and Alexandre Huckert, Lifen began with Lifen Sending, a secure messaging system to send digitized medical documents among healthcare professionals and hospitals. This tool has rapidly established a leadership position in the French market with more than 600 client institutions and 2 million documents exchanged every month by over 200,000 healthcare professionals.

Building on the success and the network created by Documents, Lifen expanded to offering Lifen Platform, a unique PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to ease the deployment of third-party digital health solutions within hospitals. To date, integrating a third-party digital health solution takes an average of 9 to 18 months and is carried out hospital-by-hospital. Lifen Platform simplifies access for application providers to a large number of hospitals, with standardized deployment processes that can be instantaneous or last just a few short weeks. For hospitals, Platform further supports full digitalization through more efficient and less expensive implementation and maintenance of digital health applications.

Lifen plans to implement its Platform solution in 1 500 hospitals and add 200 third-party digital health solutions to its platform by 2025.

Lifen plans to launch Lifen Platform abroad with a planned rollout in Germany and the UK by the end of 2022.

Company : Lifen

Investment type : Growth Equity

Investment date : November 2021

Location : Paris, France

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“Lifen’s first solution is a great success and is now implemented in 600 institutions that use it to send two million documents per month. Leveraging that first success to expand, this French Tech flagship is enabling other players to integrate their e-health software and make it accessible to hospitals,” said Pierre Moustial, President and co-founder of Lauxera Capital Partners. “We are very proud to support Lifen in its ambition to become a leading European player in the digitalization of healthcare systems.”

Pierre Moustial, Founding Partner at Lauxera