BioLamina was founded in 2009 by the father-son team of Drs. Karl Tryggvason and Kristian Tryggvason, based on the breakthrough research of the elder Dr. Tryggvason at the Karolinska Institute and Duke-NUS Medical School. Since then, the company has developed unique expertise in the development and production of recombinant human laminins, which are key proteins enabling researchers and biopharma to grow, manipulate, and engineer both stem cells and certain primary cells. Present in high concentration in human embryonic tissues, BioLamina’s recombinant laminins are fully-defined, process reagents that enable both researchers and therapeutic innovators in the space to mimic and precisely control culture conditions during the production of stem cell-derived therapeutics and advanced cell-based disease models.


BioLamina is a leading, independent player feeding the growth of the rapidly-expanding stem cell field. The broad portfolio of recombinant laminin isoforms developed by BioLamina (Biolaminins®) includes both research-grade and cell therapy-grade products, which serve customers from early academic researchers through to leading makers of stem cell-derived therapeutics currently in clinical trials and preparing for commercialization. BioLamina’s products are uniquely produced in human cell lines, yielding attributes which contribute to predictability and reproducibility at the company’s customers. BioLamina’s multi-decade long track record of quality as a producer both of research- and cell therapy-grade reagents is recognized across the industry.

Company : BioLamina

Investment type : Growth Equity

Investment date : August 2023

Location : Sundbyberg, Sweden

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“The entire team at Lauxera could not be more excited to partner with BioLamina in advancing the stem cell field as it delivers breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and in disease research. BioLamina stands at the fulcrum of inflection points in two attractive end markets, with a strong and dedicated executive team, talented employees, and a convicted investor base. We are humbled by the responsibility to help BioLamina achieve its next leg of growth, adding to and enhancing its global footprint, manufacturing and regulatory capabilities, and customer intimacy.”

Alex Slack, Founding Partner at Lauxera